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Everything You Need to Know to Trade DAX | DAX Trading | IG SG Like any stock index, the DAX can’t be bought and sold like a stock. Instead, you’ll have to trade it using derivatives such as futures or CFDs. The main exchange for DAX futures is the Eurex, which offers trading on DAX futures from 8am – 10pm (CET time).

Day Trading DAX Stock Futures and DAX E-Mini Day Trading DAX. At Netpicks, day trading DAX futures is done using our popular trading system, High Velocity Wave Trader. We have put together a webinar that will give you all the details on a fully tested (and traded) Dax Futures day trading system (ideal for both European and US market hours). DAX regular trading hours | Elite Trader Dec 13, 2005 · What are the "regular trading hours" for the DAX futures? Not the full hours which are available on the eurex website, but the hours when the DAX itself is open. From the website it appears the bourse is open from 9 AM to 5:45 PM -- but I've seen 8:50 AM and also 5:30 PM as start/end times. DAX Futures (FDAX) Contract Specification, Margins and ... Dec 04, 2018 · The DAX Futures (FDAX) contract specification for day trading margins, tick value, hours of operations and other essential technicals for futures trading EUREX - extended trading hours - futures io

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Eurex Exchange - Trading hours 25 rows · Trading hours Eurex Exchange operates in three trading phases: pre-trading, trading and post-trading. The post-trading phase is further split in several periods where different functions are available. Eurex Exchange - Trading hours 57 rows · Clearing hours: The clearing hours of a product start at the beginning of the Pre-Trading … DAX Futures - This page contains data on the Xetra DAX Index Futures CFDs. The DAX is a blue chip stock market index consisting of the 30 major German companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Extension Brings 21-Hour Futures Trading to Frankfurt This ...

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Extension Brings 21-Hour Futures Trading to Frankfurt This ... Dec 04, 2018 · Futures trading at derivatives exchange Eurex Frankfurt AG will soon be extended by seven hours daily to offer a 21-hour dealing window, as it moves closer …

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Eurex Asia - Trading Hours Extension Futures: Product Code: DAX Please Note: With the introduction of the extended trading hours for Eurex benchmark equity and fixed income products, participants should note that orders placed for the day will go in from the opening of the extended hours at 8 a.m. HK/SG/China Standard Time to the close of the regular session. All GTC and GTD

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and the current trading hours on our website: DAX® Futures DJ EURO STOXX 50® Futures E -Mini Dow Jones Index Futures. 7. Eurex Products in relation to U.S. Index Futures. Europe Crossover 5-year Index Futures. Eurex is solely responsible for the Dax Futures trading hours | Love the Dax | day trading ... Dec 09, 2018 · These are the Dax futures trading hours, as displayed on the Eurex website. Eurex Exchange - DAX®, 4th Friday Weekly Options

Equity Index Futures: Eurostoxx50 (FESX), DAX (FDAX), miniDAX (FDXM), all Eurex listed MSCI Futures (FMxx). into the Asian time zone on Monday, 10  size between the Germany 30 CFD and the DAX Futures traded on the Eurex? Are the Trading Unit - EUR 25 per DAX index point; Trading Hours - 8:50a.m. DAX® , the blue chip index of Deutsche Börse AG Pre-Trading Hours The final settlement price is established by Eurex on the Final settlement day of the